Blue Funk

As a sufferer of Mental Health conditions, one specifically being Emetophobia, for my final project at university I decided to create a magazine dedicated to giving voices to those who are suffering, and creating a safe and friendly place to gain information, and reassure people who are going through a bad time. The aim was to create a series of magazines called Blue Funk, with each issue focusing on a particular condition, that may not be talked about as often as it should. The name Blue Funk comes from the saying 'to be in a blue funk', meaning to be at absolute rock bottom, in despair and depression. I wanted the magazine to be something someone could just have out on their coffee table, without shame, so the whole design of the book was intended to be as far away from the clinical websites as possible, which seems to be the only place you can find information of Emetophobia specifically. It was important to me that the magazine was a place for a community to come together, so I wanted to feature some artists alongside the articles and information, who had created work along the theme of mental health. I intended to continue featuring different artists for each issue, to create an archive of creativity, and creating some breathing space in the pages. As a passion project, it has a very special place in my heart, and I hope to continue it with more issues soon.