The Seed Paper Campaign

I was presented with the opportunity to explore the topic of 'matters', meaning both matters in society that we are passionate about, or tangible matter that we create with. With this in mind, I wanted to push the idea of recycling paper, which is widely encouraged, but still ignored even today. Did you know that paper makes up 40% of landfill? And that 85 million tonnes of paper waste is created each year? I created this campaign to suggest an alternative solution to waste paper, through creating and planting seed paper. As this campaign was targeted at a younger market, who are much more engaged in environmental issues that their grandparents, I wanted to move away from the digital side of advertising, and encourage an activity that could reduce our paper waste, saving landfill space, whilst also creating more trees and plants, helping our planet. The seed paper project was the perfect solution to this. The letters for the poster were all handmade out of seed paper, using recycled newspapers. The graphic is intended to provide inspiration and motivation to create and recycle old paper, to make something new. I also experimented with some moving posters inspired by some initial drawings, which could be used to create educational GIFs to be shown in lessons or online.